Trading in your old or used camera gear for something newer and better is easy with Australian Camera Sales.

1. Contact Us for a Quote

Contact us by calling 0418 511 311 or emailing to let us know what you would like to trade in and the item's current condition. You may be required to provide photos and desciption to help us assess the condition and wokring status of the item. Based on second-hand market value and the condition of the item, we will then provide you with the estimated value we can offer for your item.

2. Inspection & Confirmation

If you are happy with the estimated value, securely package the item to send to our address, PO BOX 228 Macarthur Square, NSW, 2560, Australia. We will make a final physical inspection and send a quote to you. This value may vary depending on the condition of the item on inspection. You will be able to decide whether you would like to go ahead or have the item returned.

3. Receive Credit

Once you are satisfied with the final quote, you will receive credit for the item in the form of an Australian Camera Sales gift card to be used towards your purchase on our online store. We will then take your old camera and give it a new home.

If you have any enquiries about trade-ins, feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff by calling 0418 511 311.

Terms and conditions of trade-ins apply.

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